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We are a small club that will always remain small

cultivating a culture of individual attention

to each and every player.  


Has your Club Director ever seen you play at a Tournament?

Does Every Coach in the Club Know Your Name? 

At B First we are a Family and knowing who you are

is who we are.

We Believe That One practice plan does not fit all teams.

As a player, you will not get lost in a

Tier Training approach that focuses on multiple teams,

shared practices, a single practice plan with no variations and shared courts.

Image by Vince Fleming


We believe it is just as important to build the character of the individual as it is the talent of the athlete.


B FIRST SPORTS works with young athletes to help them realize

they are capable of achieving their goals in both sports           and in life.


Our personal commitment to every athlete will help them

 eliminate what binds them to unproductive habits,

and train them to reach their full potential

in their sport of choice.

Steve Brown

You have my personal commitment.

Come join us

If you have a goal in mind and you want to achieve that goal, You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.


If you have what it takes, come join B First Sports and turn ordinary into extraordinary!

Be Daring.

Be Different.


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